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Bespoke Projects

Utilising over 30 years’ experience and our in depth industry knowledge we can design and then manufacture a product to exactly suit your exact needs.

Over the years we have created and innovated many of the ideas you see on the market today. So whether you require a bottle bank or a paper bank with segregated compartments or a bespoke one off you can be assured that the container we supply will be cost effective, productive, built to the highest safety standards and will make you stand out from your competitors.

Patented Swage / Pressed Design

Utilising our patented swage pressing in our FEL range ensures you are supplied with the strongest and lightest unit on the market and also allows us to supply you at a more competitive rate.

So what are the benefits of our Swage pressing:-

  • Reduces distortion / warping to the unit if arson occurs and the bin is set on fire – this is because our design negates the need for welding extra channel to the container which expands at a slower rate to that of the steel plate used to construct the sides, this differential expansion rate is what causes the buckling of the container.
  • Reduced corrosion – As our swage has a 45° incline water runs freely off the side of unit and reduces mold and corrosion build up that takes place in 90° angles such as where channel is welded.
  • Increased strength – Pressings are renown for being stronger than attaching additional steel. The automotive industry has used this principle for many years to reduce weight and increase strength in areas such as crumple zones. We utilise this in our many of our designs to increase strength and reduce steel and labour costs.
  • Reduced weight – We have reduced the weight of our unit by approximately 100kg by removing the channel that is used in many similar products on the market, this can give you significant savings on a larger orders
  • Aesthetic – Our pressing makes our containers look smoother and sleeker.
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The Test of Time & Quality…

The above container was manufactured in 2002. A serious fire took place in the container in 2014. The image shows how well the container withstood the fire after 12 years of use and still kept it’s shape and structural sturdiness.

Not only has this container had a huge safety benefit in the fact that it has not collapsed and remained structurally solid, it is also now possible to refurbish this container to almost brand new condition. Quality always lasts…