MJL Skipmaster Ltd are proud to be able to offer Duraflex Side Hinged Lids to our “best in market” Front End Loader range.

The side Hinge lid is more ergonomic than top hinge lid as the leverage required to open the lid is far less.

There are a number of other benefits also:-
· The lids act as a chute when the bin is tipped meaning that there is less waste blown around especially if there is a lot of dust and light weight material in the waste.
· As the internal lid props required to hold top hinge lids open are now not required, there is less chance of waste getting caught on the bins internal furniture during tipping.
· Less damage to the lids occurs during tipping.
· Less susceptible to damage through windy conditions
· Same price as top hinged lids
· Safer to replace in the field as all work can be carried out from ground level.

As with top hinge lids a full selection of colours are available.