Also known as sand blasting, shot blasting, grit blasting, media blasting, abrasive blast cleaning…

MJL Skipmaster have full & comprehensive in-house & mobile facilities to blast clean your container to really help the end product look as close to new as possible.

This process not only improves the appearance of your container, it will also give longeuvity to the paint system, as the grit blasting process not only removes surface contaminants, it also leaves a surface ‘key’ for greatly improved adhesion of the paint system.

In addition to the above, blast cleaning will also highlight any frailties/high corrosion points in the steelwork. During container refurbishment we blast clean skips & waste containers before they are sent to the fabrication shop, so our engineers are able to see any problematic areas that need addressing.

Our operatives are capable of blasting to all S.A. standards:

S.A. 1 – brush off blast

S.A. 2 – commercial blast  – (most common for refurbished skips & containers)

S.A. 2.5 – near white metal blast

S.A. 3 – white metal blast  – (most common for off-shore/high spec. skips & containers)


In-house we can comfortably deal with high volumes of waste containers such as:

Front-end loaders (FEL’s)

Rear-end loaders (REL’s)

Enclosed Meilers

Open skips

Rollon Rolloff/Bulk carriers Compaction units (packers) RoRo’s


In-house blast cleaning on skips, recycling units & waste containers is usually completed to S.A. 2 standard (commercial blast) at competitive prices.


We can also offer a fully loaded mobile service (UK wide), it is a more expensive procedure than blasting in-house but would save you the cost of container movement.

On mobile jobs we mostly tend to use an enviromentally friendly grit, with no hidden nasties. (Material data sheets available on request). RAMS are also available as a matter of course!

Collection & delivery is no problem please contact one of our team to discuss your best option…