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Container Refurbishment

Bring your old bins back to life with MJL’s refurbishment service. We can take the nastiest looking damaged old bin and return a container that looks brand new. The refurbishment service allows you to recycle your old fleet of containers at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new containers.

Parts, Damages & Repairs

The first step of the refurbishment process is to ascertain where new parts are required. Every single part of the container is available as a replacement item. We then also assess any further damages to the container and look to offer the most suitable solution. All repairs, if deemed feasible, from minor repairs to major section replacements are available on site in the experienced hands of MJL.

Blast Cleaning

MJL have on site facilities to blast clean your container to really help the end product look as close to new as possible. With a fine, quality shot, your container can be blasted to remove any rust or blemishes and drastically improve the overall of the condition container. The blasting process also lends itself to the painting process, leaving the most suitable finish for applying paint directly to back onto the metal.


One of the final stages in the refurbishment process in the painting of the container. After all repairs and blast cleaning are complete, we give the container a good solid base coat primer along with bright, vivid coloured top coats to match your exact requirements.

Corporate & Safety Signage

The very last part of the refurbishment involves designing, manufacturing and installing all or your corporate & safety signage requirements. We have all the facilities on site to produce all forms of graphics. We can meet any strict branding guidelines for your containers or assist with any new logo, safety sign or container layouts.


Once complete, we can then provide cost effective delivery to anywhere in the UK, in fact anywhere in the world!