Over 30 years of knowledge & experience goes into every container we build…

We like to think that, after being a leading manufacturer in the waste industry for over 30 years now, we know containers inside out. We have loyal, skilled craftsmen who have overseen nearly any challenge the waste industry can throw at them in the space of 30 years. Our award winning patented designs go through various departments of our manufacturing facility, each of which is detailed below.

Design & Fabrication…

MJL offer numerous ‘off the shelf designs’ of all of the industry standard size containers. We can also design & fabricate custom/bespoke designs tailored to suit your requirements. After your design has been chosen, the first process is to cut & press all of the large section panels of the container from high spec structural steel, produced to the European Standard EN 10025-2:2004. (S275JR). This has a minimum yield strength of 275 N/mm2, and a tensile strength of 410 -560 N/mm2.. The panels then welded together to form the shell of the container. We then assemble & weld all remaining parts to your specification including many styles & colours of lids.


When the container is complete and approved by quality control, we then remove the lids ready to give the container a good solid base coat primer. You then have a choice of bright, vivid coloured top coats to match your exact requirements.


Corporate & Safety Signage

The very last part of the manufacturing process is designing, manufacturing and installing all or your corporate & safety signage requirements. We have all the facilities on site to produce all forms of graphics, from single colour cut vinyl, to full colour prints & safety labels. We can meet any strict branding guidelines for your containers or assist with any new logo, safety sign or container layouts. Your containers are advertising the moment they leave the factory…



Once complete, we can then provide cost effective delivery to anywhere in the UK, in fact anywhere in the world…


MJL Container Range